Saturday, 4 December 2010

A Tweet for a date on the wings

Sitting high on the cable between two small pylons was this birdie i will call as Robin.
His calls could be heard within my home, i wanted to see the one who was so shrill and yet not hurting to the ears, but a call to my heart.

I found him searching this way and that seeking sharply among the bushes , the calls continuous as if to say it is getting bright and where are u ?

I could literally decipher his calls as ,"come let me show u the sun rise from that height, the tasty organic corn i have found at that distant farm, the thorny hide out from that scoundrel hawk and more."

His search was so sincere that he missed not an inch on the ground, around the plants and across the sky.

He was very sure he had seen his mate to be, at this spot earlier, that he wanted to make it sure he found her here.before she was wooed by another charmer like himself and equally sonorous.

For one last time he made his call for a date on the wings, before he flew away to look for her at another green spot of beauty, sure he would find her for his warm heart of sharing.

1 comment:

Yoda said...

The best thing about birds is that they mate for life - they understand 'love' in its truest sense.