Tuesday, 7 December 2010

An exhibition at the school

It was another day of school,but with a difference, an exhibition was organized and the kids were the organizers with the help of the teachers, and the parents were the participants of the show, trying out games and listening to the children say their projects and themes.

The primary kids were showing us the zoo with the Britannia animals we got with the tooth paste those days, pointing the animals, sweet it was, others showed us the traffic signals and emergency ambulance services, and environmental friendly factories with gardens around them with thermocol cut outs, and many uses of Palmyra tree, wonderful work of exhibits for the kids.

The middle school kids showed their skill with maths puzzle teasers which made us feel jealous, we never had such exhibits of maths to make it feel like a game to study, the 9th table exhibited with pencil stand was a wonder.

Fruits, vegetables and herbs were at display with the kids explaining the contents and their benefits.

I suddenly had a child at my side, " i can tell u the day of your birth and how old u are" i willed and out came the right answer with his maths skill, and one child who could not make me understand her questions shifted the language to my level of understanding and got me worked up on her maths puzzle to bring out the right answer.

The English department brought out words of skill to dust our cobwebbed mind to surface action,the other departments had equally sharp skilled work i am sure, but i ran away as i had a prior appointment , missing all the more lovely exhibits of teaching and the taught, to make the parents proud and the teachers feel what they do when the kids do well to their satisfaction.

Cheers to the teachers for surfacing the skill of kids to explain what they know. communicating what u know is more important, than just knowing.

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