Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Louis - we did not hear u

Louis Pasteur’s last words were" it is not the germs that cause the disease, but the terrain where the germs are found that are the cause of the disease".

These words were buried along with him, and they remain in the pages of history, quietly tucked away within books safely nestled in libraries, which rarely get disturbed until folks get to read them again.

In 2006 there was a scare of spinach, it was framed for having E Coli found among them and whole packs of them discarded, though it was only from a few ranches, the scare was for all and it was caused by wild pigs trampling on them, the bugs are commonly found in cattle manure, E. coli do not grow on plants.( so we can realize , some one played intermediate)

Until we get to understand that the bacteria by them selves cannot harm us, unless they have been tampered with and our system softened up, we are foot ball to the kickers of this scram.

Natural food is being destroyed and people scared to avoid them,for reasons of safety.

But junk eats which do not get spoilt even after years are allowed to be eaten!!!(did u notice I did not use the word food - food will get to be acted upon by organisms)

Plastic eatables are avoided by organisms that get things back to nature.

Let us have a quiz, set your own timers.

Which large eating joint offers buns and pizzas and all the fillings which can be saved and found to be same after years?

Yes, yours is the right answer.

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