Monday, 20 December 2010

Geography answers for History questions

How would our answer sheets get a correction for a mistake of answering a wrong subject material, it gets to be thrown out.

Let us compare the congress passing a bill for cash for clunkers which helps in getting a new car, fuel efficient ,in exchange for old ones, and slipping a bill which destroys our rights to our own food, called Food safety bill.

With this bill we will not be able to get fresh produce from the village markets, only factory farming from now on and worse things to follow.

The elders teach us rules, no cheating, honesty is the best policy, and conveniently forget to live by them, when it comes to ruling.

The ones who have been elected are either playing safe or are ignorant to a level of stupidity.
It may seem like ,'why should we be bothered with the Congress of America'.!

A bill passed there gets passed across the world next, this is what happened with artificial sweeteners called aspartame with Donald Rumsfeld then, and now the whole world is affected with it to a state of shameness and illness "we cant do any thing now"is the echo heard all across the globe, most not even aware that aspartame is a poison, willingly consumed by the mass.

The Americans have forgotten to ask questions of their rulers, and have become silent acceptors of their masters, which means they are slaves, and if we do not,your guess is as good as mine.


Yoda said...

Such a pity that most people are so sheeplike in their majority - a few sops for their personal benefit, and the govt can do anything it likes.

We're not much better - or else why is corruption rampant from the ration shop to the cop, from the highest IAS officer to the lowest garbage inspector? People will keep quiet to protect themselves.

venkhat said...

Very true, it sure is scary to make announcements of the trouble and the mischief makers, and to avoid the tempting money and gifts.