Friday, 3 December 2010

Grey Misty Morning

With the coming of December it was another morning of chillness, but one could not believe the misty nature,many of us would have gone back to see if we have awoken from our own bed in our native land, or up in a hill station.

We quickly went up to the terrace to have a look at the houses and distant hills around our place.
Visibility was up to 50 meters or a bit more,the hills and beauty of the beyond was all grey.

I quickly got my bathing gear and was off to the mountain spring for the bath, the journey of a few kms was lovely and the mist was thicker and one could feel the wetness in the air.

The water was warm from the spring well and the bathers were few, except for the ayyapa devotees.

The laundry and bath was done with chillness and warmth.

I returned home and with in an hour or so and the arrival of the morning sun with lateness the mist cleared and all things were back to work with ease, a remembrance that the morning was grey and misty and beautiful.

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