Monday, 20 December 2010

Parker with Quink

I had a nice Parker pen as a gift for my words that my dad thought i drew, his encouragement for the importance of words meant much to me, he could see some thing which i felt was only an expression of the mind in art.

It was an importance to use it for my village fingers, the Royal Blue of Quink the recommended ink for the status of Parkers.

The simple exercises that we were given to follow, for the easy flow of words were so cute, that i do them at this age with thankfulness for its expressions, whose practice does not make us sweat, but brings on fluency of breath to the fingers, and the hand as a whole.

The handwriting that is so termed has been forgotten that if we notice, it is the fingers that are writing, and the hand as a full component is forgotten, the flow of the hand is not there, the movements missing, all things are stiff and the scribble is only at the fingers.

How lucky it was some one did notice these small things for us to change,adapt, difficult and painful, but worth a revolution to bring on, and continue the letters of beauty and grace, to the English Language.

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