Thursday, 9 December 2010

If u see some thing say some thing

I see the rays of the morning sun shining through the clouds and forming a band of golden path lightening up the sky.

I see the bright and lucky kids going to school waving their lunch boxes and back packed book bag, i also see them sharing their lunches sitting in the shade of the peepal tree, happy and giggling.

I see the beautiful women of home doing the marketing, their clothes as colorful as the fruits and vegetables on trade.

I see the rushes of the work force, off for their job to catch the timely buses at their stations.
The flower vendors and their way of calculating the length of the flowers weaved with the pith cuttings of the bananas, on their forearms is a sight to behold.

I still see that rare bullock cart on the road with the truck tires, the oxen chewing the cud with satisfaction

There are so much more things to say of what i see, but i do not think this is what the ones who coined this phrase want us to say of what we saw.

Do u have words to say of what u saw?


Shazia said...

Do you see what you believe or do you believe what you see?

venkhat said...

i do not believe what i see, as i have seen many a drama played for emotion.

"Do i see what i believe"? tough question.