Sunday, 26 December 2010

A pick of the pickles

I was pulled from within the home, with a call of " ooruga ooruga".

The vendor was a man who had a long pole across his shoulders, and balanced well at their ends were two bamboo baskets hanging like the lady of justice with the balancing pans.

It was a sight to behold in these days of vending, he had a variety of tupperware boxes, and when asked to show his wares, the collection of goose berries, mango and lime and bitter gourd and ginger pickles in the plastic containers were a sight of color.

We picked the ginger, as we already had mango and lime; we have planned to try the goose berries the next time.

We shall see if this new pickles man will get the blessings of the lady of the home, to get tried for his other assortments of pickles.


Shazia said...

Happy New Year to Venkhat and Yoda!
Hope this year brings only good news for all.. :)
Am on holiday to my parents.. so enjoying everyday and missing my blogging right now...
have a good day

Yoda said...

Happy New Year to you too, Shazia! I hope you have a great time at your mom's.(I don't know if venkhat knows how to check comments on earlier posts, so I'll repost it on his newest post - he's technoshy:).

Looking forward to your blogging when you get back home.:)