Friday, 24 December 2010

Santa comes to town

It was nearing 7 in the evening and the mosquitoes had started attacking the unprotected ones with their stings.

A faint sweet music was in the air, like being in a church and the choir voices were in the darkness, getting ones out of the seats to look who was around .
Far away a group was on the move and slowly focused into Santa Claus and his admirers from around the village.

They were with the instruments of music and voices of sweetness singing Christmas carols, and warming the chillness of the December air, distributing sweets to the children on the road, who had collected to share the happiness.

There was Santa all red with white trimmings on his simple robe, he was all smiles in the mask and held out a hand that i shook with genuine pride.
they passed the street reminding us of the time to share our happiness with others to make the whole world a joyous home of togetherness.

Merry Christmas to u all, and all of u have a wonderful time all thro' the year end and the coming year.

( when i read this to Mrs Gardner , she said she missed Santa Claus, i told her he is going to get her a saree from kangeepuram for her, she is still on the look out for him)


Yoda said...

Here are two christmas presents for you about medicine, gardner - I was waiting for your medical blogging to share them but this is as good a time as any.:)
Clinical trials for dangerous drugs in other countries (see how india leads):

and multiple vaccinations on the rise for younger children:

Yoda said...

oh, and see the video on vaccination too!

venkhat said...

i was aware of a few things, but these presentations are terraffic thanks Yoda