Tuesday, 28 December 2010

If fine is fine why refine?

These are times when something has to be refined to win the market, gone are the days when original is best from nature.

The public is being duped with words of natural, yet refined and double refined.

Let us clarify things.

Those that are got from nature,are safe, edible,with no complications to the body, the impurities that folks say which are present can be removed with simple maneuvers, if one remembers the chemistry class,where the difference between mixtures and compounds was so well explained and differentiated.

Cleaning stones, sand and dust do not need chemical refineries, beware of what we get as refined products.

Think of all the refined products we get from rice, flour,the list is long,the things that are removed are sold, the remaining stuff is good for a long shelf life,devoid of good things which will not get spoil t as there is nothing to be spoil t, let us select what we want and find a person who will get them for us.

There are folks, who know nature and love to keep her and her secrets safe for the welfare of mankind. You will find them when u understand the theory.

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