Thursday, 16 December 2010

Sprouted oats sandwich

The paper cone makes a great package, accidentally brought on by the ice cream vendor at a carnival, when his cups got over for the creams of ice.

The village market attracts the early morning gossipers to tea shops to warm the heels and palms and glance at the news papers and hear the village hum drums, parking on wooden planks as benches.

Many a bun relish- er has switched over to the sprouted oats, thanks to the constipated ones, who are promoting this change for the betterment of the lucky ones, for a small token of 3 rupees a cone.

Those who have been addicted to the British styled bread eating, the local bakeries have been cajoled to try the wheat bread with willing customers, so here we have in this village a novelty for a try,sprouted oats, green gram and mung dal a blend, they go great with the wheat bread to make a sandwich fit for an English man or a nutrition conscious dietitian.

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