Friday, 17 December 2010

Ear Blasters

The whole world has given up the bull horn speakers, but not us ,we are importing all the throw always for the brain washing of the general public with them, and with it the palpitating heart, the ear pain and more that go along with the incredible sound pollution .

There is an area of empty space at the village bus stop, that is always kept so for the dais that gets pulled up at a days notice for the election campaign of the various parties.

In preparation for the evenings speech, a day long play of songs and speeches of parties are played up with the help of players and recording hi fi, the bull horn speakers are tied up to the telephone post and other line ups and taken up to a distance of a few hundred yards, there they are for the full day noisily spelling the dos and do nots and won and lost ideas of the future days to come.

The finale is at the evening when there is a darshan of the chiefs and local representatives and more ideas, heart thumping of their credits and booing s of the other parties.

Not all are in this trade, yet many are offered the mike so u can imagine the results, there is this yell into the mike, at odd times of the day and night for the benefit of the whole place,

Some checking on the strength of the mike material ,with a tap, some calling for that distant cousin at the far end if he can hear him, with a blow of a breeze, that would sound like a storm.

Well what ever the bull horn is sure to stay high up in the post, where it has reached .

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