Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I love mother nature, and if there is a moment to express it i would not hesitate.

Sea water has all the ingredients that are there in the periodic table, many in trace amounts unpronounceable and difficult for those who are not used to the chemical words.

Sea salt and any thing that is natural and organic seems to be a bad word for the government agencies and for their coffer fillers or spenders.

I have made inquiries how some thing that is natural can be considered bad and an artificial salt good for health, advertised all day and night long as memory boosters.

Many have asked how can u promote a product , other than what the government and scientific white coated doctors say is best.

A pity i belong to the minority, but i have managed to convince myself first for its benefits and scientific data and now there is a grocery man who managed to get one sack of sea salt and has it outside his shop and, due to its hygroscopic nature it collects water and there it lies seeking attention for its benefits for mankind on our village roadside.


Shazia said...

how true!
For myself, I keep away from advertised stuff, I smell a rat there. The best things are never advertised..

Yoda said...

I was just reading a comment from Ted in earth clinic about how sea water has both iodine and bromine, its natural antidote, in balance. The body absorbs what it needs and throws out the rest.

So unlike the iodine-added salt, taking sea salt you could never overdose on iodine.

venkhat said...

so true Yoda, i could talk for hours on that, and how our culture has always treated our salt as divine....
and if allowed i could break my heart on the bad effects of the iodised one tooo..

if only we had emotions in words i am sure u would feel mine .