Sunday, 19 December 2010

Yoga Nidra

An invitation into yoga for the lazy and bed affectionate and "no time" tellers, it sounded just right for our kind.
(The world knows yoga as only gymnastic postures for the body bending activists, it is a state of oneness, in which body postures help to attain.)

We enrolled and were asked to get into loose sleepy clothes and a warm bed, on the day of the class, we took it for fun those words, but were surprised when we were asked on arrival where was the simple bed and pillow.( with laughter)

The master talked about nidra (sleep) and how it could be made to a state of yoga, (oneness) making use of the disturbances during sleep to our advantage.

There is a temple in Srirangam in Trichy and in Tirupathy foot hills, where the deity is in an asleep posture on a bed of snake on the waves of the sea, may be the elders then had a class in their times,like it is for us to explain things in ritual form and worship.

The class has a few meditations techniques, each one let a few of us even snore, all the techniques were to make us aware even during our sleep, and yet have a deep sleep, we have been given schedules to practice them on a monthly basis to last us a full year, we are practicing yoga nidra,for a sound sleep and a full day of activity.

So here we are snoring away with awareness to attain what comes with it in time.

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