Friday, 24 June 2011

Charity to the third world

Charity is a 7 letter word of love with material offer, but when developed countries offer them , that is when we seem to look at it with a why? and what do they want from us?

A lot of examples can be shared, but this is the worst.

A recent offer of dumping was noticed at a shipping harbor with lots of waste from abroad into India.( hidden in containers)

Let this be a reminder that the charities that are offered to us from other governments have sinister values.

Individual acts of charity too have a value of consolations to the heart for the offerings to tackle the guilt of another action.

Sharing what u have with another who does not have it ,with out hurting the dignity of the other is best for the soul and most logical.

I learn t this lesson from a child, who asked" u are giving this , because we want it or because u do not want it".


Shaz said...

You really heard that from a child? I am sure its one of the best quotes i have ever heard!!!
"You are giving this because we want it or because you do not want it."

venkhat said...

Shazia,I used to get a lot of compliments from the lobbying pharmaceutical representatives,before i realized the folly of accepting them.

one such item was a coffee set that would look good for a dining table, having no dining table and not a drinker of that brew, i took it to a cousin, who has 4 cute daughters all of them now married, the third one made that now famous quote.