Saturday, 18 June 2011

A gift from the plumber - the swivel tap

There are still many thatched and tiled houses that use the tubs drums and mugs to do their washing and bath and dishes.

With the economic boom, and the help of the innovative plumber, the pvc pipes,the flow of water within the home has become a possibility.

If there is one industry that is thriving the most, it is the construction business, demolition is rampant and with the help of the cranes, quickly beams go up and pillars go down and those who had gone away for a tour when they return they see changes happen in this one time village.

We still use a tile roofed home, but make use of an over head tank from our own building complex next door.

It is such a pleasure to have water flow from the tap to an open palm, to wash a face of happiness.

Thanks to the plumber/electrician.

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