Monday, 6 June 2011

E coli- from organically grown sprouts?

There are many ways to make an intelligent man keep away from sprouts , say it is contaminated with E coli.

The same media, allows meat that is stored for months,and filthy livestock in damp places, they do not harbor E coli?

It is so easy to contaminate, and blame a source of natural food.

A real pity this time the German, Spanish farms have been pointed as carriers of E coli.

The contaminators will never be caught, and even if they are found ,they will go Scot free, for their connections.

There is no limit to cause fear, how ever wise u are and courageous.
May be u too will avoid the sprouts, and listen to the media.

Keep away from the enzymatic rich, healthy, nutritious and easy to digest sprouts.


Yoda said...

Organic foods and especially sprouts have grown exponentially in popularity and market share. Today every vegetable vendor in B'lore has a few packets of sprouts on sale - no wonder someone who sells meat as the only source of protein would feel threatened. Cheap tricks won't bring them back their markets though.

venkhat said...

Lucky Bangalorians at least in this awareness, may it sprout to other areas as well.

Shaz said...

Useful info. Thanks