Thursday, 9 June 2011

Good GOD!

God is greatest, the most powerful and he is so mighty, that none could defy
him, not even Satan.

Since a child, I wondered why hasn't God destroyed Satan/Evil. Surely God could
have finished Satan and let everyone live peacefully, doing only good
and going only to heaven.

Now Imagine a world without hell? There would be no 'go to hell!'
slangs or swears for starters.. Hmmm cool isnt it?

To get back to the point, why did God let Satan go? This was a
question which gnawed me all the time. Was Satan released for the sole
purpose of being an adversity? If this is true, then satan is
indispensable.. even to God!

God needed to put fear into the people, and who is scared
of good, noble and merciful God? Naah, not me. Are you?

God cannot be nice, if Satan wasnt so despicable. Satan seems so
foolish, all he does seems to favour God! Satan does no good, thats
for sure.. But whatever he does backfires, and God looks even more
better. God benefits doubly, and by creating Satan and then when
destroying a deed of Satan. But god wont dare to destroy Satan
himself. If he does that, it will be akin to killing the hen which lay golden eggs.

1 comment:

venkhat said...

Good god and bad god.

I think it is more like that, devil and divine are words with the same root.

May be they are just brothers like Cain and Able.

A God with devilish ideas and a Satan with heavenly acts.

One turns into the other due to circumstances.