Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Cindrella's sandal

A week ago, I had gone to a mall with my brother.
He was checking out some shoes for himself.
It was a high end store, and quite expensive.
I took a fancy to one particular sandal which looked like Cindrella's glass sandals, though it was made from transparent plastic.

I was on the verge of buying it, though I didn't need one at all.. It wasn't cheap at all.
I somehow wrenched myself from that slipper gave a lame excuse to the shopkeeper and went out of the shop.
I can say I feel so relieved and I thank God, my money is still safe with me and with it i can still dream and think about things I can buy ( probably wouldn't ever buy).

I think to have a dream or a desire is more important and keeps me going more than if I achieve it. Achieving it gives me such short term happiness and it drains me of all emotions and passions I possessed when I was lusting for it!

picture from http://www.thefindbuzz.com/tag/glass+slipper


venkhat said...

Those transparent foot wear looked neat and well made, for a princess beauty , am sure they would have been justified on your dainty feet.

A pity the creative artist has not found his ella, this one a Cityella.

Shaz said...