Monday, 20 June 2011

Trading on a board

We started to learn to buy and sell land ,with paper money from the bank at a young age.

The game was "Trade", we sat around a board which has all the names of places , and public affairs.

The rush then itself was to be a banker, how strange one knew it was easy to be that, as u had money and all the others were paupers with no holdings.

We are not aware of the happenings here, but it sure seems to be the same across the Atlantic.

The comparisons are near enough, and the pains are realistic, with the different bubbles coming , and the money printed on easy means with no collateral gold .

How stupid we do not see the reality of the bankers driving the nails with ease, with the turn of every screw.

How strange.


Shaz said...

You said that the rush was to become a banker.. but I was never wanting to be one!
I thought to be a banker was so so boring..He did nothing except doing a mechanical work of keeping accounts.
I fact I pitied the one who was chosen as the banker, because I felt he was left out of the thrill that the traders enjoyed being a trader in the game!!

venkhat said...

Good to see that u have the creativity of a tradeswomen than a sloppy one behind a grill with some one else money.