Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Think I was in class 7 or so. I was out at a stationary shop to buy something.
As I bought my stuff and collected the change, I took a step and saw a 10 rupee note lying on the ground.
Since I did get some 10 rupee notes as change, I thought it was mine and might have dropped from my hand accidentally.

I promptly bent down to pick it up. A gentle breeze blew it a few steps away, I followed it and bent again, but before my nimble fingers could even touch it, the breeze came in again. I pressed on and this time decided to be quicker than the breeze.

As I pounced on it for the third time, I heard a clutter of laughter nearby. Looking up I saw a bunch of boys laughing at me. To my horror, they had tied a string to the note, which up until now was invisible to my greedy eyes. Just because I got 10 rupees as change didn't mean the note on the road belonged to me and the way I was hell bent on taking it was yucks!!

I was reddd and turned back hastily.

Inspired by the last post http://psychicmuse.blogspot.com/2011/06/evening-sun-was-going-down-horizon6-pm.html 


venkhat said...

Oh those beggars who played with u then, am sure they will continue to do that until some one tied them to a pillar and made them sing , "i will not tease , la la la oh i will not tease la la la."

Shaz said...

But it was me to blame as well, after all you cannot trick who are not greedy!