Tuesday, 21 June 2011

An earth quake that never happened, but caused a tsunami

The news media is a mass hypnotist, initially with the words on the paper, but now it has grown with the times, and evolved with the innovations of the electronic media.

During our meet at kodaikanal i had a chance to share a power point presentation, and in it was one slide regarding the destruction of the twin towers of New York city.

We had been hypnotized with the planes slicing thro' the buildings like a knife thro' a ripe banana, and it coming down, being shown with punishmental repetition, on the TV.
( tell a lie repeatedly, and then it becomes a truth u will believe it yourself)

Now we have another destruction with equal sadistic style ,but blamed on Mother Nature.

Lakshmi Narayan shared one picture of a tsunami striking , a fraction of a second before hitting land, which was just 48 miles from the epicenter of the earthquake, ( if that was Sendai in japan) nothing was destroyed .

9 magnitude earthquake destroys a large radius, literature says 1000 km of the epicenter, and Sendai has no structural damage.

So who caused what happened and why?

Another waving of a false flag.

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