Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Kinetic action and static repulsion

If we had to go back to physics class, we would say kinetic is movement, and static is just being still.

If we try to understand it at home level, we would say the kinetic movement and arrogant action of a man gets stalled by the gaze of the static beauty at home.

What about the kinetic military action of the American army at Libya.

If there was a dictionary for military may be that word would get a meaning in it and explained, but other wise this is a new term for the powerful mighty who go to battle without fighting and with out using the word " WAR".


Natarajan said...

Nice article about international intervention

venkhat said...

Thanks for the appreciation. Natarajan
This stealing of another s wealth in the name of humanitarian aid, and helping democracy seems to be accepted by many nations,until they feel the pinch.