Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Your children are not your children

"Your children are not your children, they may come through you , but not from you," philosophical words of Khalil Gibran in " the prophet".

How the laws of the land that govern us, have mistaken this to use in their style, in the modern world.

I had a chance to meet a few of my class mates who live abroad, they shared with me, in our casual exchanges, that they cannot scold or discipline their children,as they would be called up by social security folks, if their children sneaked this to their higher ups in school.

In India, a family is the center of all doings, and the children are the reason, the family works for and expectations are high and valuable regarding the children.

Discipline and freedom go hand in hand for the welfare of the children, would there be a balance if a child cannot be admonished,yet many a freedom is offered in work and leisure in the lands of opportunities?

Recently a law is being readied in California AB 499, which says a youngster is allowed to take up a sexual disease prevention with out the permission of the parents, even if the child is only 12, with medicines.

How can parents be by- passed,in such matters, whose children are our children?


Shaz said...

you know it just struck me.. but its the influence of all those american books and movies!
Maybe the Americans are always in doubt as to who the biological parents are?
So much affairs and adoptions and surrogacy etc... maybe all these have prompted them to have such a rule!
Maybe the parents cant be relied upon for the safety of their (maybe not so own) kids!!

venkhat said...

I honestly did not think of that angle of adoption,surrogates, and kids born in such situations.

Then they sure need laws.

Natarajan said...

Nice article. If the child grow with good habits. Matha Pitha Guru Dhivam. Tamil proverb. I think
this government like to become a GOD.