Thursday, 9 June 2011

Betrothal ceremony of the village kind

A temple hall was selected by the brides party, and carpets multi- colored in designs were spread on the floor, a dais was prepared for the rituals to be performed, and some plastic chairs were arranged in rows for the elderly and "cannot sit on the floor" folks.

The women folks dressed in silk saris ,and layers of cosmetics,with shining gold ornaments started to dribble in, with their men in dhotis and cotton white shirts following their beauties.

They were welcomed by the brides parents and cousins with sandal paste and flowers and kumkum made from turmeric.

The pilots for the bridegroom party had come with betel leaves and flowers to get permission to come, they were welcomed and sent back with readiness for the grooms folks to come.

Then with the musical band the grooms family came with loads of large plates with delicacies , sweets,flowers,cakes ,ornaments and clothes, to win the heart of the bride and the families.

The elders of the village sat on the dais and both the families and their cousins on either side, perfumed water was sprinkled and betel leaves offered and flowers and drinks and sandal paste was shared.

The decked up bride was invited to get the blessings of the elders and the guests, and then she was made to sit and blessed personally by the elders of the families with yellowed rice and sandal paste and turmeric.

This was followed by a lunch arranged by the bride's family and served by the friends of the brides brother.

A gala lunch on a banana leaf .

Every one waited for the auspicious time, for the bride to follow the family of the groom to their place .

With tears the bride was ta ta - ed and every one left with function presents,to be reminded that the wedding was to follow the week after.


Shaz said...

nice description of the event. It was good to know how marriages were done there! I think a gala lunch on a banana leaf is anytime better than on an expensive plate!

umavenkhat said...

I agree to that Shazia, a gala homelyness with just a few simple treats, warm company and the running around of kids with no ground (table) manners, can be a gift of the vacation (village) kind.