Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Power to control starts young

The evening sun was going down the horizon,6 pm said my wrist watch.
I was returning from the afternoon bath and laundry in a two wheeler with the bundles of wet clothes on the side.

A troop of urchins were playing around the road side on the deserted farm lands, a kilometer from my village, just as i was near them they shouted that my head light was on, i thought that was kind of them to address that issue and looked at the light switch, it was "off" .

I turned back and i was not able to fathom the look on their faces, was it u got duped or something else.

Could it be they had a thrill of getting the passers- by yellowed. ( nauseating feeling when anger over oneself)

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Shaz said...

I remember something same happened to me, but I think I will better blog the incident here.