Thursday, 2 June 2011

Fluoride - not a cavity savior

Me and my fellow villagers have a yellowish tinge on our teeth, the result is that extra fluoride in our drinking water.

The water works department tested our drinking water and gave us a result, not drinkable.

They say fluoride is bad for the teeth and bones, makes them weaker and painful in the later stages of life.

We are living examples.

Now we have advertisements exalting the good effects of fluoride, in the prevention of cavities in teeth.

The cavities in the teeth are due to junk food, artificial drinks sweetened with quickly absorb able carbohydrates, the dentists have realized they have been duped and they just followed the masters game for too long - time up.

Enough of quick money from the tooth glisteners and tooth paste companies, time for some honest words to the patients, and general public.

Avoid junk grub and get natural chewable food, for strong healthy teeth, and a lovely smile .

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