Saturday, 4 June 2011

Superbugs-when u can't kill them,u get infected

The modern world is at a dead end, with the advancing MRSA and a strain of E-coli.

Many moons ago, at a seminar arranged by a corporate hospital at Salem, the topic was antibiotics.

Many a prominent speaker has spoken on the latest in anti biotics,we had a speaker from Chennai, who pleaded with the grass root physicians not to explore the latest in anti biotics, and ruin the treatment when we send them for acute conditions to the super special hospitals with non treatable conditions.

The best would be to let the immune system tackle the problem with out anti biotics, or to select that which would be a first line of cure with simple anti biotics.

He said it has been years since a new anti biotic has been invented and it was a costly project, Please do not go and shoot a cannon when a rifle would do, at an organism.

Better still would be to develop a system that which would not be invasive to a germ. Any takers.


Shaz said...

A friend in London recently complained in her fb status that her son was running high fever but the docs there wouldn't prescribe any antibiotics because they wanted the child to develop his own immune system and fight the fever!!
She was frantic for help and asked if there were any home remedies to tackle the fever!!

venkhat said...

The fever is not the problem, the body is fighting, and the fever is the bout, if u reduce the fever, the body is going to loose.

First do not tell the truth to the friend, this is not the time.

Console her things will get well, quietly try to find the reason for the fever, with signs of any infection any were in the body, a cold, cough , a burning micturition, or a wound with pus any where.

If nothing is found, wait the child will get well with vegetable soup and no milk and white bread, and lots of water and comfort of the mom.