Thursday, 16 June 2011

what is a weapon of mass destruction

We have be constantly echoed about this weapon ever since the twin towers destruction a decade ago.

Many may have a certain idea what is that weapon,i have been wracking my brains what it could be, that the powerful governments do not possess that another possess to call that land a criminal.

What ever came to mind, the super powers had it, the latest and the costliest, in ammunition, biological, chemical, ecological, thermal,physical,but still it has a nerve to call another as one who possess a weapon of mass destruction.

May be the reader can help, to let my mind think and bring an answer from with in.


Shaz said...

Maybe its the MIND!! dont know .. just wrote what came to my mind!!

venkhat said...

am sure there is truth in that,a mind as a weapon of destruction,sure needs to be thought of in this world of mind controlling.

Shazia your intution has struck a mine.

Thanks for the tip.