Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ten days to a decade.

If u have forgotten, decade to what, let me remind u.

Memory of how stupidly we have been duped, and continue to be duped regarding all that happened on September 11 ,2001.

There is no reason to agree that we are stupid, but that agreement can start a programme of questions and more questions to clear the title .

A great nation, and its citizens duped with no questions, just a TV and all show.

Disaster repeatedly transmitted to shoot the emotions, and suddenly a cause and a person shown with no investigations, as the culprit, and all the area cleared with nothing left to investigate.

Now they gang up with the same culprits to bring humanitarian aid to a sovereign nation , Libya.
U can team up with your government, but i sense RAT.

We all remember a lady waving to us from atop the North tower on that disastrous day, Edna Cintron, she continues to wave to us , with the words, " Can u see me waving , the heat here is bearable , this heat cannot bring this building down".

BBC, the first folks to any news any where, were actually too good, they reported the fall of the wtc 7, 20 odd minutes before it could even come down, well don't question them now, they have lost the tapes and the file.

Did u not know that wtc 7 came down, and that too with out any knock from them airplanes, office fires brought them down, shame of the architects to select such misfit steel .

How much the citizens of the world trust the government, and their tentacles,courageous few get lost, or find themselves committing suicides.

None of the folks, who died in the towers knew me, but i know them all with my heart, and so these words.

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