Friday, 19 August 2011

Arai keerai - a slapping dish of greens

The village market caters to the needs of the green herb lovers.

There is one lady who trades only this ,today she shepherded me into buying this greens called as arai, meaning a slap or half, in the vernacular.

My grand mom has left a legacy in its preparation that i would like to share.

The greens are first washed and allowed to drain, the wetness does not bring out the best of the flavour.

The oil used is just enough to fry the mustard seeds, blush the gram and pink the onions.

The dry greens are added to the vessel, and the cue pin of the paniyaram special is used to preen the leaves and continued to keep them separate, till they are ready to serve, the best vessel is the iron , which gives itself off for the anemic family.

The dish goes well with plain rice.

If u happen to use it as a side dish with rasam,(pepper water) then there is that conflict, of which is better of the best.


Yoda said...

Sounds yum, the greens during monsoon are always welcome.

venkhat said...

May u get the best of the season at your market, Yoda