Friday, 19 August 2011

I scream

I scream, you scream we all scream for an ice cream.

This was a one liner from a convent girl, of the long lost days.

There were times when we did see the Dasaprakash, ice cream bucket; it brought out the best of ice creams, with no crystals, like what happens with those from the refrigerators.

Aavin ice cream of the mount road , with their cones were so thick and creamy , that if u sat in the parlor u sure will have another, i would sit ,if i had another rupee to spare for the cream.

I indulged in the cassata balls of Arun, and the cake ice creams of Chennys gateway.

Then came the Saravana Bhavan where my kid licked his chemicalised colored mixes, to the horror of me and my wife, sitting opposite refusing to dig into the cream.

This evolution was all within a span of a few decades. Where have all the fresh ice creams gone?

May be my reading has gone too much and is seeing negatives.
" HEADS AND TAILS" by Maneka Gandhi was an eye opener.


banana flavour- amyl acetate
straw berry flavour- benzyl acetate
vanilla- peporanal
instead of eggs- diethyl glycol
cherry- acetaldehyde c 17
pineapple flavour- ethyl acetate
nut flavour - butaraldehyde

And I always thought that they added bananas for banana flavor…

The same with medicines for the kids ,to cheat them to take the combinations.

So basically you treat your kid and yourself with glue, anti freeze, oil paint and nitrate solvent, lice killer and air,( well this is what is in the ice cream) for a celebration.

Now I scream, u scream, we all scream at ice creams.


Shazia said...

The 'for' changed to 'at', was a good one!
But this is shocking piece of info!!
What would i do without ice..scream!! Eeeks!

venkhat said...

Now that u are aware, alternatives will follow i am sure.

U pick up any bottle of medicine for the kids, and see the flavour.

U cannot stop from chocking.