Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My grand-dad had a walrus moustache

Both my grand dads had 8 to 9 kids each, one was clean shaven, and the other had a walrus moustache.

My uncles had around 6 kids each and my dad 2, i have one son and wonder how the next generation will be!

The dwindling number has many reasons, main one being nuclear family and economical factor.

My school was 6 rs per day , boarding and lodging and education, now it is 600 Rs per day.

India is one of the most populated countries, yet we are seeing so many fertility clinics mushrooming.

Not that the other sex is not attractive, more creativity seen and fashions on the arise and cosmetics and businesses making the other gender admirable .

Something seems to be downing the fertility.

The bis phenol -A in the drinking water plastic bottles , they say has a negative effect on the fertility, the other being poly-sorbate in medicines.

Are we all guinea-pigs in some ones project for the depopulation of the world?

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