Monday, 8 August 2011

Bar-be-cued paniyarams

Please do not get cheated by this title, it is not possible to bar be cue paniyarms, but this is the way the paniyarams came from the kitchen slab to the dining floor.
I was instantly kindled to share this innovative method of transfer.

I had been thinking that this way of cooking was only for meat, just googled and found the veggies could also been bar and cued, hope my lady tries her innovations in this.

Recently there has been a take over of the non stick pans , with the PFOA,(perflourooctanoic acid) coating, the villages have not be spared, the oil factor has been targeted to promote this material, the chemical toxicity has not been discussed at all.

Our family had been offered one such pan which makes paniyarams, we have silently moved it to the corner where it is not noticed, our traditional stone pan is strong, and tasty dishes move out of it.


Shaz said...

Oh my god!
Is the coating toxic on those pans?
Who is WHO? and why is WHO formed anyways?!!!
This is shocking!!

venkhat said...

Shazia the toxicity of that compound has been finalised and du pont has been asked to make a shift in that chemical by 2015.( how stupid that rule is not made NOW, THIS MINUTE)
i have copied a para regarding the toxicity.

"There’s little dispute that, above certain temperatures—hotter than the smoke point of cooking oils or the point where food is burned—the nonstick coating will break down and release toxic fumes. Any surface that’s subject to extreme temperature will give off toxic gases. According to DuPont, cookware with Teflon nonstick coating has a recommended maximum use temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit and that significant decomposition of the coating will occur only when temperatures exceed about 660 degrees Fahrenheit, which could easily happen if nonstick pans were left dry or empty on a hot burner."

I asked one of my class mates who is a representative of the WHO branch in Africa, who is WHO? he says he does not know.
why it is formed? it can cross borders with no reason, inflict damage where it can be least thought of, and no questions are asked, lots of money and power.

It has become "the sacred cow".

Shaz said...

Hitler was better(i always thought so) than all these collective bodies claiming to be our well wishers but actually really harming us in all possible ways for their own benefit!!