Friday, 12 August 2011

Parrot cards to tarot cards

South India is the home to parrot card fortune telling, u can find such a reader at the temple festivals, or a weekly market.

A typical reader , has a box with a caged parrot or two, cards with a book and a roller resin mat, he can put up shop any where and give a reading for a few rupees.

It can be a simple ease time for one who is troubled with a complex worry at home or business, or for others a pass time.

A long time ago when we had white as a Sunday uniform, and had gone for walks with our friends at our school, we had met one of these parrot fortune tellers.

We had joked and asked a reading for friends, and one of us said why do not we ask a reading for our dorm warden who was one of the priest, who has taken up a vow of celibacy, and Sebastian was his name.

The teller read out the usual call " namba Sebastian ikku oru seeetu edu, nall parthu edu"the card that the parrot took was one of a handsome deity with his consort at his side.
we knew what ever the reading was it was all bull.

I am one who is against the use of animals and birds for entertainment ,and have got into many a scuffle with the animal trainers here.

I found the tarot cards a chance to make readings , and a way for calming a troubled mind.
I some times pick it up myself,or for my lady or friends.

Oh and Sebastian, the last i heard about him was he got married to a travel guide, and is living like the rest of us, wooing his lady and caring for his family.


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