Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Sweet curvaceous tamarind (konai puliyanga)

There were times when i was at home for the winter vacations of 3 months,when i ganged up and was a quiet one, until when it came to dehooking the tamarinds and sweet tamarinds from trees lining the roads.

A long stick with a hook attached at one end , the sweet tamarinds came down with ease.

Not so with the sour tamarinds, they were brought down with perfect aim with stones,

I was reminded of those raids, when i went to the market this morning and saw a bunch of those sweet curvaceous tamarinds on sale, my wife adores them, and i have told her that too much appreciation of them gives one a deafness.

The sweet fair fruit with a black seed is a relish.

May be some one could offer an original name for this species.

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ram said...

most avoided but efficien effective fruit