Thursday, 11 August 2011

Fluoride awareness week

This is one week of the 52 weeks to create an awareness about fluoride, so that we may be healthy right through out the remaining weeks.

Our village water has been disapproved of drinking , reason being fluoride content is high.

We hear of water being fluoridated , tooth pastes having fluoride, (with prints in small words, if children swallow more than a pea sized amount , to call the emergency.)

There was a line from a friend, "how can people accept in a mass to a speech of a leader," when it is detrimental to their well being, this could be a main reason for yielding to commands.

For the raisin lovers, earlier we used to get raisins of the dark shade, naturally sun dried, we have forgotten them these days, as the yellow coloured sulfuryl fluoride fumigated ones are more in the market, as they are less prone to fungal destruction, with least concern for the humans who consume them.
(this practice has been banned recently, wonder when the banning will bring on an effect .)

We have heard of dental flurosis, skeletal damage with flurosis, yet we accept them when it is added to water and paste!!!

Do u really think this addition would safe guard our teeth, while the whole world eats junk and drinks tins and bottles of sodas, with no restrictions, and no one seems to blame them as the cause of dental diseases.

Very cunning of the aluminium industry to get their waste, fluoride into drinking water , how devious.


Shazia said...

Hmmm..very cunning indeed!!
I feel like a part of a herd, herded around by few in power!!

venkhat said...

Lioness, move a step, away from the herd, and realize, how much u and the rest of us have all been duped.