Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Creepers are not creeps

The most nutritious of the vegetables are the creepers, who have not been recognised for their taste and benefits.

I have heard that nothing can be more sinful than to cut a creeper, and drop it into water, to make it ooze its minerals,discard the water, and then consume the left over as a richness, but that is what it seems we all do.
So we will not allow that with the dish of the day, the snake gourd .

The snake gourd seemed to beckon me with its looks and freshness, at the market,3 rupees can fetch one the length of a wide palm span, enough for a small family.

The trick in vegetables is never soak vegetables after they are cut,( or save that soaked water for cooking) u can wash thoroughly before cutting.

First dal is soaked which goes with the gourd dish, then blended for 5 seconds to help in cooking, the onions and mustard seeds are fried and then the gourd which has been cut into thin pieces are added with the dal, covered with enough water and allowed to boil in a pot of clay for best flavour, minimum salt and chilli is added to avoid the loss of original taste.onions and coriander leaves, turmeric, make the dish colorful and aromatic and help some in fishing for the onions a great game.

The dish goes great with rice or chapatis, take care to have extra of the gourd, and the chapatis for the second helping.

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