Saturday, 13 August 2011

O BIT TU (Phonetically meaning - a little round piece for you)

The kid was coming home for the weekend , and we, not used to this sort of home coming , we were at a loss,my lady came out with a sweet wave, and dished up a pan cake , a name i don't know other than Obitu.

ingredients , dal
jaggery, brown
white flour
cold pressed gingelly oil

The dal is first cooked and then made into a softness in a blender and the brown sugar stoned and the two are mixed well, and made into balls.

white flour is made into a paste with water, and to a state of easy handling to make it a cover for the sweet balls.

Rolling pin is used to make the floured ball into a small pan cake, they are oil patted on a dosai pan with clothed grill iron.

Like the advert says , "one is never enough".

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Yoda said...

Love obbattu. So many common recipes across cultures in India.