Saturday, 6 August 2011

Nuts for Nuts

The take away present after a wedding, in this part of the world, is the yellow colored bag with betel leaves,arecnut and coconut.

It is the wish of the marriage party to bless u with a stress free life and health, for being there to bless the couple.

Many a dish is prepared in the village with out heating the coconut kernel,

the chutneys, the milk for the appam, the seasonings for the sundal, the ladooos with jaggery, and ofcourse the coconut burfies.

Recently scientific studies say that the l arginine is found in this and peanuts, which help in keeping away vascular worries.

Ranging from the heart, down to the toes, with thoughts of the middle,

with cautious concern along with other dietary factors and life style management, nuts could be a great way to live for all of us.


Shaz said...

The peanut is my most fav nut and thank god it is not as espensive as the other nuts. I wondered why the tastiest nut is the cheapest nut! I love all delicacies made with the use of it, especially the chikki we get made with jaggery and peanut!

venkhat said...

Shazia i do not know what chikki is , but we love what my lady makes with this boiled peanuts and brown sugar, blended together and then rolled into ladoos, i like them best, no no my wife makes it as my kid likes it best, well we share it with my lady what ever is left .