Friday, 26 August 2011

Let food be thy medicine

Prophetic words from the father of modern medicine , Hippocrates.

Nothing could be further from the truth, with the modern scientific methods , spelling the realities and the goodness of natural food and their medicinal values,with their studies, the latest being that coriander oil is as good as an antibiotic and kills superbugs and MRSA.

It has always been the dictum in the villages that one must find food that would help at times of a disease, and to keep the family members and the rest of the society safe.

The second part of the prophetic words of Hippocrates, reads, "medicine be thy food." modern medicines seems to accept this, if we study the prescriptions , and their long lists, they could make a menu if only they had palatable names.

I am sure if Hippocrates came back he would erase that part, to be understood better, and remove a state where he is recommending lots of medicines as good as a dinner of them.

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