Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wheat Dosai

I was watching a singing competition on the tube, and there were many adverts, and one was noodles, and how soon it can be prepared.

Kids are cute, that does not mean u can offer them what ever they like, when they are tempted by the adverts.

Let us break advert gimmicks for the health of the family.

I am here to promote a dosai which takes all the time and care for the welfare of the family, to prepare.

We buy whole wheat and dry them in the sun, we get them milled at the local grinders, and do not sieve them , u can stress DO NOT.

We keep the flour safe from the ants and others who have a sense for Best of nature.

We do not add any corn, soy ( cautious of GMO)no softeners.

If the menu has been decided as dosais for dinner, the flour is mixed with enough water, and onions are cut to size, salt to taste , and the dough is ready for dosais.

Minimum oil, preferably gingely, the dosais come out thin and crisp on an iron pan,best with dal and pickle, left over veggies if any goes great, especially ladies finger.

Switch off the tube, or there is no count of the dosais that u consume.

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