Sunday, 14 August 2011

Mob Kids who robbed

Why does a silent quiet kid, turn into a rogue when he joins a mob?

I had heard earlier that the kids, in many countries cannot be scolded at home, and if they are, they are to report at school, and the social security would come to take away the parents .

So now that the London streets are being looted by kids who are still in teens and even younger,i wonder if any parent would feel guilty, that they had been quiet ,when they need to have instilled strictness at home, and not to indulge in looting,and given moral grounding.

How come, a simple thing of a kid at home, not be admonished by their own parent, why should the government come into the welfare of a home?some thing we Indians cannot understand ?

Who is responsible for the mobish acts of the kids on the street ?Will the parents be allowed to wack/talk their kids and bring sense into them at least now, or will the kids be treated with medicines, as one with mental diseases, by the medical authorities?

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