Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Looters and Arsonist

Way back , following the assasination of Ragiv Ghandhi, our small place had seen the likes of never before, looting,arson and rampage of the kind that is happening in London now.

No cops were seen, youngsters with sickle and sticks were on the go , folks were nervous, shops were looted and homes were struck down, a car was even pulled out of a garage and set up on fire, cinema houses were entered and set fire too.

We can be sure such things, can be a cause of many a disturbance to a wealthy family or an industry.
Following this episode, many elites in the place have got steel and iron grills to homes, and some have even licence for a fire arm.

What ever the cause and what ever the solution, nothing changes, as the gap between the haves and have not s have widened, and the temptation is too much for those who have less , more laws will get passed and freedom is less.

It is heart breaking to see violence being shamelessly allowed, encouraged, and destruction to hard earned civilised living quarters, and shops.

May be the parents , teachers and the government will be more strict to prevent such happenings.

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