Sunday, 7 August 2011

Rolling on the floor - sincerely

Many an email these days , share a joke which causes one to ROFL, but this one is different, with a cause and effect.

There is no one who has not had an aching back, to know how difficult it can be, and be the cause of a nagging day or a miserable night.

Not many are lucky to have a kneading hand to relax the back, or a child walk on the posterior with care,
this is for those.

How soothing it can be to have the back relax by it self, with a rolling over the floor with outstretched arms and unbent knees. (u can make some changes when u master the rolling.)

It can be seen in some temples, being done to have the energy of the place all over, well what ever the reason or what ever the cause, a rolling over one self can ease a difficult back, to get one back to shape.

Roll roll, now check and see what caused u that pain and get it altered .

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