Thursday, 18 August 2011

The herpes vaccine controversy will never die,it only kills

Texas Governor Mr Rick Perry had made the vaccine mandatory for children above 11,( Feb 2007) he could not take any hearing, as he had been convinced of its benefits.

Now he is preparing to take the leadership of United States and he suddenly feels he has been wrongly advised regarding Gardasil, he has changed his mind in the speeches.

Did he read the ingredients or was any other cause for him to back down?

Well no one reads ingredients ...not even the ones who make them, or the ones who get them, nor the middle who study them.

I hope i am proved wrong, from now on.


Shazia said...

Thanks a ton for this one.. People were advising me this vaccine for my just teened daughter!!

venkhat said...

The present and the next generation has been saved.

Akon Watson said...

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Nicole A said...

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