Tuesday, 22 June 2010

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea [2002] [* * * *]

Jules Verne's book is pretty hard going for any child, since he wrote in such great detail. Such fabulous ideas deserve being presented visually. This has always been the best argument for making a movie - that the story cannot have been accessed by so many without the medium.

This story is an adaptation, so its not like the original, but it contains all the essential ingredients of the book - the concept of freedom from Nemo's perspective: free from human bondage in the vast oceans, where no man or nation can rule over another '30 ft underwater'.

5 people are rescued by Nemo and taken on a fantasy journey from the South Pole to Atlantis. Eventually they escape because of homesickness, but not until they learn the wonder of the deep ocean and the man who conquered it, the defiant reclusive genius, Capt. Nemo.

I really enjoyed the action-packed adventure by MGM, though it lacked something of the Disney artistry.

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