Friday, 4 June 2010

Is hell real?

I guess it sure is, pick up any news paper or a news cast, is there any news of heavenly act or a place of heaven in them.

It is time we get such things on news and for that heavenly things must happen, and they must be found to be more important than tragedies.

In future when news organizations find no news they will help make tragedies to get news.

We people in general are getting to relish sadistic acts, inhuman activity and games promoting violence.

Quietude and calmness is being found to be sort of an abnormal behavior.

The reason for this, is there is no money and power for peace and happiness, war and hatred and more espionage activities to make enemies bring on lots of money and business and power over people.

The cunning ones who don’t want to work , and whose forefathers had lived that way by means of exploitation find ways to make a hell in this world of earth, where a heaven is a possibility, but which wont fetch them a living.

They maneuver strategies, where they can dupe innocent folks into sheep, and trade freedom for security.

May we get to see and read alternative media, to notice beings of human nature and natural things to make this place a HEAVEN on Earth.

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