Saturday, 12 June 2010

Uppu uma - divinity from a clay pot

In these days of micro wave cooking and more posh utensils from copper bottomed to stainless steel, the simple clay pot may seem out of place, well it may, but it has no nasty things and all the more for taste and nutritious safeness of the food.

It was getting time for dinner and the dish had been decided as uppuma,we got the onions cut and the clay pot cleaned, and the wheat ready.

The usual preparations of mustard roasting and the onions reddening and then the water added to boil and salted and the wheat added, all similar to the usual preparations, but this is the clay pot which makes the difference of an over all even cooking of the ingredients that makes the food a relish .

Our street is a dead end so there is no traffic, and ours is a mud road, so naturally landscaped to a bumpy ride, with bushes on either side.

We used the rope cot (kavuru kattal) as our table and reclining chairs and feasted on this simple dish with country brown sugar and lime oooruga( pickle) , and the silent night as a watcher, for our garden dinner.

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