Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pisasu tries a Pizzazu

Our villagers are recently being wooed by the Italian delight pizzazu.( identical with pizza, but rhymes with pisasu)

I was one day flipping sweet chappthis on the frying pan at home ,and expressed our school chapattis were similar to this and the modern day pizza looked familiar too.

This is when my lady made a connection of the mythological beauty Mohini Pisasu, tasting micro-waved pizza, and so these types.

Our villagers are already adapted with the half cooked barotas, made of maida, so this was not much of a difference for them, but having them zapped inside the microwave oven with the toppings of cheese, mushrooms and onions and the relaxed place to enjoy them was making the village Mohini envious.

She decided to have a taste of them one evening at the pizzeria chennai cake shop, in our village corner. She came in a white saree and her hair loosely made and fragrant white jasmines, she got one of the famous two inch high heels and nickled anklets.

We were her escorts for the evening, and she made the request she wanted to try out the pizzas as it was the talk at her home cloud.

The Keralite handsome who was at the counter, read the scene and accordingly made preparations to get the best table and bouquet and bleached white table cloth, to go along with her white clean saree.

We ordered non micro-waved cutlets for ourselves and a pizza with the flavorings and toppings of the day( they have only one variety per day) for pisasu.

The beauty belles eyed their orders and me mine with suspicion, if it was also nuked.Pisasu, bit into her pizza finding all the mozzarella cheese toppings, mushroom pieces.

She closed her eyes and felt the taste with added feelings, she used garlic and tomato ketchup for more bites, she licked her lips and her fingers, a sure sign of relishment to the last bit of a bite.

I could see the satisfaction in her eyes, she relished every morsel, and I was wondering if she will ask for a recipe to take to her land for a try out.

We asked her if she wanted a take home pack, she smiled as a reply.

There was a long distance telepathic call this morning"Pisasu tries a Pizzazu" was as good as the original pizza.

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